FHIKOREA is a specialized company that leads the technologies of hairstyling equipments and fashion trends worldwide.

FHIKOREA has been recognized for best products by fashion magazines, such as INSTYLE, allure and etc. Also, we equipped the rooms of Dubai’s 7-star hotel Buri al Arab, Hotel Shilla, Lotte Hotel and etc, meaning we have established a position as the best luxury styling device brand.

FHIKOREA is a specialized company for developing heating & cooling products.

Not only have we made an agreement with domestic companies, such as Hyundai Motors, Hyundai-dymos, and LG Household & Health Care and etc, for technical development. So, not only we do we develop hairdressing home appliances, but also automobile parts and daily household appliances.

In 2014, launched HoHoMedi, possesses the largest healthcare and medical devices in Korea.

By expanding our business, Ho Ho Medi, we provide the best medical devices with a sense of feeling that our families are using them

As a premium hair styling appliance brand, we provide hair dryers and irons with the best quality for professional hair designers and stylists. We apply the specialized techniques of FHIKOREA and show excellent performances not only for high quality styling but also for maintaining healthy hair.


·Iron EPS
·3-Touch Iron EPS3T
·Nano- salon pro dryer SP-2100
·Nano- salon pro dryer SP-2000
·Nano-weight pro dryer WP-1900

If the FHI HEAT brand was a professional product line of Classic & High-end type, Marceiu is settling into becoming a brand with a more young and active image rather than modern and stylish.


·Iron Bubble Curl
·Dryer Ceramic Bubble Air
·Sonic Skin Cleanser
·General / Professional Hair Scissors

As a brand that launches cooling & heating solution based products, we are showing innovative products, such as skin massage equipment that uses thermoelectric semiconductor.

etc. Brand

Heel master

·Heel pad / Foot pad / Pedi roll(Coming Up)

Hair Essence

·Cool styling/ Splash (Coming Up)