FHI KOREA iron is a luxurious styling device that has been researched and manufactured by domestic technologies. If FHI HEAT is a professional product family of classic & high-end type, Marceiu is more of a young and active brand rather than a modern & stylish one.

Bubble Curl Color Line-Up




· This is a patented design wave barrel for luxuriant and natural wavy hair.

· Triple ceramic tourmaline coating that emits anion and far-infrared radiation

· Nano-Fuzeion™ technique, sterilization and cleaning effect, keeps hair healthy

 Barrel border line color part is not hot, so you can hold on to it when using the product. However, please note that there is a risk of burn if you go over the border line.


The plate of the hair straightener and the nozzle the hairdryer is hybrid coated with a nano-technique, which is the pride of FHI KOREA that allows your hair to stay healthy. It cleans the hair that has been polluted by atmospheric dust, toxic substances, and chemicals that remain in your hair due to shampoos and perm products, which makes your hair lustrous and smooth.


Applied a short fixing clip to make it easier for beginners to use as well

If the clip is applied to the whole barrel, it will make it hard for you to roll your hand and frequently will pluck out your hair. However, the clip on Bubble Curl is short, so it only fixes the tip of your hair. When it does so, it’s easy to make a curl because all you have to do it whirl your hair around the barrel and you are done.


Safety stand to keep the floor safe from high-temperature in case the product is placed on the floor when being used for styling.

For a more safe use, silicon mat has been included. It does not melt or deform in high temperature of 240 ℃, so it can be safely used.


Applied FND display

Temperature changes are ocular


Wide range of temperature control is possible, 80~120℃

The temperature can be changed in 5℃ units due to the digital control mode


Code that is free and flexible anywhere

110v / 220v combined free volt that can be used in foreign countries, and due to a code that can rotate in 360˚, you can comfortably style your hair without any tangling of the code.