Marceiu haircutting scissors

FHI launched Marceiu haircutting scissors for household use or for semi-professionals. It can be used for a long period time due to its solid formation, and it is produced to have handles with comfortable grips and cutting forces suitable for cutting fringes or to trim your hair at home. Meet haircutting scissors with reasonable prices and high quality.


Excellent cutting scissors / Exquisite tapering shear scissors

Handmade haircutting scissors that satisfy both beginners and professionals

It includes FHI certified pouch that is for carrying and storage.

*Small scratch on the body of the product is a natural phenomenon after handmade work, so it can’t be the reason for free exchange and return. The initial product may have oil on it to protect the efficiency of the product, so just wipe it off before use.



Ergonomic handle design

The grip that was designed to suit the finger placement reduces hand fatigue and provides exquisite hair cut.

Straight Type Handle / Uses Hitachi Steel 420 (HRC 56) material that contains Straight Type Handle / Cobalt


Produced high quality materials & high technique

When you use the scissor, you will feel that it is smooth and the durability will last long because it is produced with high quality steel from Japan. This cutting screw set was not produced by casting but actually requires a lot of time and expensive equipments. So, when scissoring, you can perform smooth techniques without any hitching. It is proud for the best cutting force because it was produced through meticulous handwork of the national treasure master craftsman of Korea and is nothing like the low quality products made from China. We carefully selected scissors produced with high-quality materials and outstanding techniques. “Check the Marceiu logo”


Screw hole adjustment type

The tension of the scissor can be controlled through tightening and adjusting the screw (screw hole) The tension can be set to suit an individual, and since it is detachable, it is easy to clean and manage.

Marceiu haircutting scissor that is suitable for household use and for semi-professionals.

Marceiu haircutting scissors are high quality and are reasonably priced



Hair cut Scissors

Outstanding cutting scissor

The durability is outstanding due to precise manufacturing process, and exquisite cuts are possible because when using the scissor, the transmission of the strength is consistent, causing no slipping or folding phenomenon.


Hair Thinning Scissors

Hair Thinning Scissors

Exquisite thinning scissors Tapering shear, also called as thinning scissors, cut evenly and exquisitely with U-shaped groove, which allows natural hairstyle arrangement with volume or texture. Grab the tip of the hair with your fingers and gently brush through the hair to create a light hairstyle.