• 2016

    - Selected as Hi-Seoul Brand Company
    - Selected for the project "Strengthening of Export Ability of High Growth Companies" in 2016
    - Selected as a Seoul Type Small Hidden Champion in 2016.
  • 2015

    – Selected as Seoul Rising Star Brand
    – Supplied products for executive and staff mall of Daewoong Pharm and Hanmi Pharm.
    – Entered store shops, such as E-mart BOONS, and Artbox
    – Started ‘development project of cold and warm mat for all four seasons’ with LG Household & Health Care
    – Expanded Ho Ho Madi, business field of medical mobile equipment
  • 2014

    – Provided products for Busan Paradise Hotel
    – Newly established an operation division of medical equipments
    – Established Ho Ho Medi, business field of medical equipments
  • 2013

    – Provided products for Shilla Hotel suite rooms, and the main Lotte Hotel rooms.
    – Entered Galleria Department Store, Hi-mart, I-ETLAND, and Home Plus
  • 2011

    – 18 domestic patent application, 7 oversea application, 3 trademark application
    – Developed air conditioning trial manufactured goods for hybrid automobiles
    – Launched equipment for skin massage, Hot Cool Theraphy, that uses the semiconductor
  • 2010

    – Provided FHI KOREA products for seven-star hotel in Dubai, Buri al Arab
    – Selected as the best product by a fashion magazine, Instyle
  • 2009

    Selected as the best product by a fashion magazine, Instyle
  • 2008

    – Started development business about power system of high efficiency and low pollution for commercial vehicles with Hyundai Motors
    – Established Ochang Factory of Snix Electronics Co., Ltd.
    – Selected as the best product by a fashion magazine, Instyle.
  • 2007

    – Established FHI KOREA Co., Ltd.
    – Succeeded in developing three balance household air conditioning prototype products
    – Researched and developed air conditioning that does not have refrigerant and uses Peltier thermo element for Hyundai Motors.
  • 2006

    – FHI KOREA Hair Flat Iron won the best product award given by a fashion magazine, ‘allure'
    – Produced muffler and manifold for remodeling US automobiles, such as Porche, Ferrari and etc.
  • 2005

    – Established a technical service institute within College of Medicine of Yonsei University in Wonju
    – Developed a Heating machine
    – Started supplying ceramic flat iron for professional use