Wheel dial button system

16단계의 바람을 손쉽고 미세하게 조절할 수 있는 혁신적인 휠 다이얼 버튼 적용으로 사용자의 헤어 상태에 따라 고속 건조와 섬세한 스타일링이 가능.

Wind force of the LED lamp

Highest wind (when the highest wheel level is operated)
Intermediate wind (when the middle wheel level is operated)
Lowest wind (when the lowest wheel level is operated)

Wheel dial button of 16 stages

Strong tornado wind

Strong wind

Soft breeze

Power OFF


Mineral Shower Inner tube

Scalp shower with far-infrared radiation and minerals through gold/silver/ceramic coating.

Efficient utilization is possible because when gold/silver/ceramic are coated on the outer wall of the coil heater, the corrosion rate is lower than outer walls of general heaters but has a high heat conductivity.

Due to great amount of far-infrared radiation and minerals, condition of the scalp is improved and allows you to maintain your hair lustrously.


The plate of the hair straightener and the nozzle the hairdryer is hybrid coated with a nano-technique, which is the pride of FHI KOREA that allows your hair to stay healthy. It cleans the hair that has been polluted by atmospheric dust, toxic substances, and chemicals that remain in your hair due to shampoos and perm products, which makes your hair lustrous and smooth.


Ion generator

Prevention of static electricity and moisture overcoat was formed due to application of anion generator.

- By applying anion generator to the coil heater, great amount of anions were generated. This minimized the occurrence of static electricity and also formed a moisture overcoat, allowing you to protect moisture and maintain lustrous hair.


Temperature Control

Through three stages of temperature, Cold/Warm/Hot, the temperature is controlled to suit the hair condition and situation of the user.

Dries wet hair quickly, style and dry general hair

Dries hair lustrously, style and dry damaged hair

Hair care and maintain luster, style hair in a wave


Hurricane Motor
Applied ultra high-strength hurricane motor

Compared to other dryers, it is five time stronger due to intensive motor application It lasts long and its heater control ability, where the speed of cold air conversion rate quickens, is outstanding


3Type Nozzle
It’s possible to replace/combine the three different nozzles based on the styl


From soft breezes to
strong tornado wind!