Honeycomb Ceramic Heater

Through ceramic heater, that is a honeycomb type, you can minimize electromagnetic wave decomposition effect and damage of cuticula layer.

One of the ways to prevent electromagnetic waves is to use the product while keeping a distance; however, due to the characteristic of a dryer, electromagnetic waves are unavoidable.

When using the SP-3000 dryer, allows you to keep your hair and body healthy because it is a safe healthy dryer that releases wind that has reduced a lot of harmful electromagnetic through ceramic heater.

This is a dryer that is needed for not only pregnant women and children but also modern people who are exposed to various electronic products for a long period of time.


Far-infrared LED Lamp

Removed waste and strengthens UV resistance.
Relieves red skin phenomenon and maintains scalp health

LED light prevents scalp damage through production of adenosine diphosphate and applies cell activation and sterilization. In addition, it has the effect of strengthening UV resistance, so the phenomenon of scalp turning red will decrease. Far-infrared rays are radiated more strongly by going through the ceramic heater of the honeycomb type.


Application of ion generator

Great amount of anion generated due to application of ion generator. With ion generator blue lamp, confirmation of ion occurrence is possible.

With ion that has minimized the occurrence of static electricity; you are able to maintain your hair in the best condition and protect the moisture within the hair from escaping through the formation of moisture coat. When you style your hair with SP-3000 dryer at a state where the surface of the hair has been damaged due to positive ion in the air, it has the effect of generating anion and neutralizing static electricity. The surface of the hair changes lustrously and this allows you to maintain your hair style for a long period of time.


Nozzle that considered health of the hair

Applied Nano-Fuzeion™ method, which allows you to dry and style particular parts of your preference.


The plate of the hair straightener and the nozzle the hairdryer is hybrid coated with a nano-technique, which is the pride of FHI KOREA that allows your hair to stay healthy. It cleans the hair that has been polluted by atmospheric dust, toxic substances, and chemicals that remain in your hair due to shampoos and perm products, which makes your hair lustrous and smooth.


Button for controlling various temperature/ wind rate

Professional styling is possible due to temperature and wind rate control

Switch order
Button for controlling warm air/air blast
Button for controlling the temperature (stage 1-2)
●Button for controlling the wind rate (weak-strong)
●Power button