Wireless MINI straightener

Marceiu Rechargeable cordless mini Iron

Have so many things being carried around in your bag, but you also have to take your straightener adapter? Just pack Marceiu MINI!

It does not need exclusive adapter nor does it need battery replacement to charge! It is a smart portable straightener that can be charged with a supplementary battery or a cellphone charger!



Anion and far-infrared radiations are generated to help maintain healthy and lustrous hair. Also, it has a ceramic coating hot plate that has excellent temperature maintenance and dynamic stability, even though it is a mini sized straightener.


Irons that are not coated with ceramic only apply head to the surface of the hair, making it easy for it to make a fault and create hair damage.

Ceramic coating hot plate creates far-infrared wavelength to apply heat not only to the surface of the hair but evenly throughout the hair. Also, it reduces hair damage because the hot plate temperature sensor keeps the temperature at an optimal temperature, so you don’t have to repeat the procedure two to three times.


LED temperature registration

which allows you to know the temperature in one view If you shortly press the power button while the product is ON, you can adjust the temperature of three stages and the set temperature can be checked with the status light.

LED battery registration

which allows you to know the remaining battery in one view Due to the blue status light, you are capable of knowing the remaining battery while being charged or used!
* Do not use the product when being charged.


It does not require an exclusive charger but it’s OK with just your cellphone charger! If you do not have a supplementary battery, Marceiu MINI will become your supplementary battery! Enjoy the freedom of wireless.


Exclusive cables that can only used for straighteners? Heavy and burdensome adapters? Batteries that need to be replaced? No to all of them!
Everything is OK if you just have Marceiu MINI straightener!

Five pin USB cable

When the MINI straightener is being charged
it can be easily charged anywhere, such as the car/office/school/café/travel destination and etc./p>

When charging your cellphone
If your cellphone is low on battery but don’t have a supplementary, than try charging your phone with this straightener!


Safety UP!

It has applied Samsung SDI battery which is reliable to use

not only does the battery determine the maintenance of the temperature, but also the safety of the product. It has applied SDI battery of Samsung, which has obtained certification of KC, and not made from China!


The automatic tilt adjustment plate that moves up and down prevents your hair from being plucked also it reduces wrist strain!

Moving cushion plate


For safe storage and use

Lock function

If you lift the fixing equipment on the back of the main unit, it will be unlocked. If you push it down, the product will be LOCKED, which allows you to carry it around safely.